Polytetrafluroethlene (PTFE) has a number properties that make it an excellent material choice for food grade and water grade gaskets. More commonly known by its DuPont tradename of Teflon, PTFE is a strong material that can withstand the heat and pressure of cooking as well as surviving multiple cleaning cycles at high temperatures.

 PTFE doesn’t melt until it reaches 635° F and is usable at temperatures up to 260° F. Additionally, PTFE remains flexible well below freezing temperatures as low as -100° F. It’s a good electrical insulator and doesn’t absorb water like other gasket materials and is biologically inert. PTFE also resists attack by many other chemicals used in aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents like chlorine dioxide.

PTFE (Teflon) Gaskets (1)

Garlock GYLON Style 3510 PTFE Sheet