Garlock Gylon 3500 Sheet

Garlock Gylon 3500 Sheet

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Gasket Supply Co. is an approved distributor of Style 3500 GYLON® sheet material.


Made by Garlock Sealing Technologies, style 3500 GYLON® sheet material is made from a PTFE & Silica proprietary formulation.  It is recognized for its superior sealing capability in approved applications.


Color: Fawn


Benefits And Applications:

Style 3500 is used in many chemical service applications, such as strong acids (except hydrofluoric), steam, solvents, hydrocarbons, chlorine and cryogenic service.



Style 3500 GYLON® is not to be used in hydrofluoric acid applications.
GYLON® Is A Registered Trademark Of Garlock Sealing Technologies.


Technical Specs for Garlock Gylon 3550