by Scott Roberts on August 16, 2018

Garlock, a global leader in high performance fluid sealing gasket products, has just released a new, streamlined system of high quality sealants to help correct the common issues in the manufacturing industry while making end user friendly features.

Garlock already has an upstanding reputation as the first-to-market low creep restructured PTFE system with their GYLON material. With their new line, GYLON EPIX, Garlock has once again raised the bar for end user usage, industry standards and increased output with less maintenance due to worn out gasket sealants.

This new system has a patented hexagonal texture on both sides of the sealant to ensure proper grip, correct possible sealant wear and tear production loss, and streamline thicknesses to simplify inventory needs.

The new material was user-tested to sample the most common gasket issues that often arise in high-production oriented manufacturing needs. This hexagonal surface was proven to help merge the operating power of the ⅛” gasket thickness with the performance advantages of the 1/16” thickness.

With the new system, there is only one thickness – 2/32” that will streamline inventories and ensure that there is no need to stock many thicknesses for different performance issues. This simple system of one thickness, three options for different purposes allows the end user to feel confident that the gasket they choose the first time will be the gasket delivering results every time.

GYLON EPIX also helps to improve compressibility and conformability where misalignment, flatness and sealing becomes an issue. The combined power of the hexagonal surface and the compressibility eliminates the need for resurfacing by the end user and therefore helps lower costs of repairs, replacements and extra labor time to correct these issues.

The GYLON EPIX family of gasket sealants were made available in February of 2018 and will bring an improved capability, performance and seal to manufacturers across the globe. Be the first to get in on these benefits and change the way you seal.