In addition to solid rubber, foam and sponge materials, Gasket Supply stocks and supplies a variety of other gasketing and sealing materials such as plastics, fiber, graphite, and PTFE from leading manufacturers such as Garlock and Teflon. These materials are ideal for production of high pressure flexible seals, gaskets, and custom fabrication of other products and pieces.

As an authorized reseller of authentic Garlock gasketing materials, we stock a wide range of materials including GYLON, GRAPH-LOCK and GYLON EPIX. Garlock’s compressed fiber gasketing materials are manufactured using a proven technique referred to as the High Pressure Sheet (HPS) process. Garlock products are different from other HPS products in the way they are made using a proprietary non-VOC solvent which is environmentally friendly.

Gasket Supply can order full sheets or rolls of these high-pressure rated materials. Additionally you can work with us to cut your standard sized or custom gaskets for your project’s applications via CNC cutting or waterjet cutting techniques.



Garlock products are high temperature rated materials that excel in the harshest of conditions such as intense heat and high pressure. These high performance gasket materials have been laboratory tested for fire safety and maintain an effective seal during pressure and temperature fluctuations. Their excellent torque retention lowers leakage rates and reduces maintenance time.




Garlock GYLON gasketing materials are a family of severe service PTFE gasketing materials manufactured using a proprietary process that imparts unique physical properties that are not obtainable through conventional methods. Designed for chemical service, GYLON gaskets are color-coded for easy identification and provide superior sealability to reduce process and media loss and fugitive emissions. They also reduce creep and cold flow characteristics.




Garlock GYLON EPIX gasketing materials is a newly developed family of PTFE gaskets. It’s manufactured using a patented profiled surface based on proven Fawn, Off-White and Blue GYLON to create highly conformable materials for optimum sealing performance. Designed for increased compressability, GYLON EPIX improves performance in misaligned flanges. The consolidation of two thicknesses to one reduces the need to inventory multiple thicknesses.




GRAPH-LOCK is composed of pure, exfoliated flake material. It excels in extreme conditions and withstands high temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive chemicals. It also provides excellent resistance and is proven to be fire-safe. GRAPH-LOCK gasketing provides a reliable seal as it seals easily under moderate bolt load, offers superior torque retention, retains dimensional stability in high temperatures and seals tightly, even during pressure fluctuations.

Flexible graphite is manufactured in such a manner that no organic or inorganic binders and fillers are introduced — the end product is essentially pure graphite with outstanding physical properties. The insertion of wire mesh, stainless steel foil, and tanged metal inserts increase strength and ease of handling.