Inertech Inc, has been creating and manufacturing expanded PTFE products in the United States since the late 1990s. Over the years, Inertech Inc. has become one of the leaders in innovative new technologies and products for expanded PTFE (Teflon) for the gasket and sealing industry. 

Today’s processing plants are dynamic and require constant updating of products in order to provide effective, safe and dependable gaskets for the prevention of leakage from toxic chemicals and gases within plant environments. Inertech Inc’s products were found to be the tightest gasket materials tested among 27 of the most popular expanded PTFE (Teflon) gasket products available on the market.

Gasket Supply is proud to offer a wide variety of Inertech materials, flexible seals and gaskets. We can order full sheets sheets or rolls of these materials. Need gaskets cut? Gasket Supply can cut both standard size or custom gaskets for your project’s application. All we need is a CAD file. Contact our sales team today for more information.

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Inertech Inertex SQS 150 Expanded PTFE Gaskets


Inertech Inertex Inermet Insertable PTFE Gaskets