Gasket Supply and Pioneer Rubber & Gasket offer a wide range of high temperature gasket materials covering applications up to 5000F+ degrees. Our product offering ranges from lower 250-350F range elastomeric materials like silicone, Viton and EPDM, up to metallic or graphite based materials that can perform at 5000F under specific circumstances.

These applications have to be approached carefully as other factors such as media, pressure and gasket design are critical factors. Gasket Supply can help ensure the gasket selected is correct for your application. Our applications team has a combined 120 years of experience in these applications, as well as a direct connection to the engineering services of leading manufacturers.

Gasket Supply is a full line fabricating distributor of Garlock high temperature materials, covering a range of applications. Garlock high temp materials include:

  • Garlock 9800, 9850, and 9900 Carbon Fiber Materials for Temperatures up to 1000F
  • Garlock Blue-Guard Materials for Temperatures up to 700F, including 3000, 3200, 3400, 3700
  • Garlock Graphite Based Materials: 3123, 3124, 3125 and 3128 can be used at temperatures up to 850F in atmosphere, 1200F in steam, and up to 5400F in inert or reducing media.


High Temperature Elastomeric Materials

Silicone Based Materials

Silicone materials are available in a number of configurations, including solid silicone sheet, closed cell silicone sponge, and silicone foams. Each material type is available in a variety of durometer or density options.

Solid Silicone Sheeting

Solid silicone sheeting is available in a wide range of durometers and thicknesses. 

Key Characteristics:

  • Extreme high and low temperature resistance -80F to 450F ( 500F intermittent)
  • Excellent for seals and gaskets
  • UV/Ozone resistant
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • Low compression set, seals under low load
  • Available in thicknesses of .015” to .500” and in durometers ranging from 20A to 80A

A wide range of solid silicone materials are available:

  • Commercial grade
  • FDA grade white or translucent
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Electrically conductive
  • USP class VI pharmaceutical grade 
  • High Strength/Extreme Low Temperature grade
  • Metal detectable
  • 3-A sanitary grade

Silicone Sponge Materials, Closed Cell

Silicone sponge materials are a good choice when softer materials are preferred. 

Key Characteristics:

  • Excellent temperature resistance -80 to 450F ( 500F intermittent)
  • Good weathering resistance for outdoor applications
  • Low compression set—seals at very low compressive loads
  • UV/Ozone resistant
  • Available with adhesive backing and in tape form


Viton Materials

Viton rubber is a good choice for high temperature applications from -20F to 400F. Viton is also resistant to petroleum products, fuels, and many aggressive chemicals. 

Viton based material options:

  • FKM—an economical option for general gasketing applications involving elevated temperatures, fuels, and may aggressive chemicals
  • Viton A—Meets Mil Spec requirement AMS-3216. For a wide range of fuels and acids
  • Viton B—improved resistance to aggressive acids, hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric, and sulfuric dioxide applications
  • Viton GF—resistant to some extremely corrosive chemicals and oxygenated fuels

** Chemical applications are complex and involve factors other than simple chemical resistance. Please consult us with your application requirements.


EPDM Rubber Materials

EPDM rubber is an economical choice for applications up to 275F.

Key characteristics:

  • Excellent weather and ozone resistance
  • Good resistance to mild caustics and acids
  • NSF-61 versions available for potable water applications
  • Cellular/sponge versions available.