Viton(tm) Type A Fluroelastomer TD-75-MI Sheet

    Viton Type A Fluroelastomer TD-75-MI Sheet


    Thermodyne TD-75-MI TYPE “A” Viton™ Fluoroelestomer is a virgin Viton™ sheet material. It is used when the specification requires Viton™ Type “A” only.  It handles most approved aggressive chemicals, whether they are acidic or alkaline.
    While it is more expensive than the Garlock FKM material, it does have the additional certifications required in extremely rare industrial and military environments when Viton™ Type “A” is specified.

    WARNING: Please check carefully with a professional in the sealing industry for compatibility between aggressive materials and conditions and the gasket or sheet material you are considering.

    Viton, is a registered trade name of The Chemours Company.