Graphite Foil Gaskets

    Graphite Foil Gaskets


    Gasket Supply offers Mineral Seal Co. STYLE 2030R Foil Inserted Laminated Graphite for our customers consideration. Graphite is suitable for use in many high temperature applications.--It is important that all aspects of the operating environment are considered when using Graphite as a sealing solution.

    Graphite is resistant to many chemicals. Please check with a professional for advice in aggressive environments. A list of important conditions that need to be considered are, Operating Temperature, Actual Working Pressure, & Type of product being conveyed. In some cases Possible Thermal Cycling events should also be considered.

    When used in Approved Sealing Environments Graphite is a good economic solution with a proven record for solving many sealing problems with high temperature applications.

    These are all 150lb class. Additional classes are available, please contact our sales team to order additional classes.

    Gasket sizes are based on ASME/ANSI Class 150lb dimensions. For Class 300lb gaskets, custom cut gaskets, or any sizing questions, please feel free to reach out to a specialist for assistance >>