Cross-linked polyethylene foam is a popular adaptive material for many industries because it has good thermal insulating properties and excellent chemical properties. Notably favored due to its smooth aesthetic feel, cross-linked polyethylene foam is available in water resistant, conductive, and fire retardant variations, making it versatile enough for a variety of industries and applications. 

Gasket Supply is a leading manufacturer of gaskets and CNC & waterjet cut parts fabricated from cross-linked polyethylene foam.






Cross-linked Volara® Polyethylene has good mechanical properties, good thermal insulating properties, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption, and a smooth-skinned surface on both sides is perfect for HVAC applications as an air tight gasket on round and rectangular flanges. It is also used as a mounting tape for signs, mirrors, wire clips, moldings, reflectors, etc.




Cross-linked Zotefoams Polyethylene has a uniform cell structure and is non-toxic. It also has excellent chemical resistance and low water absorption properties. Depending on the grade, some exhibit excellent energy absorption, while others are conductive and non-corrosive.

This material is used in a wide range of markets, including sports and leisure, packaging, transportation, healthcare, toys, building, marine, and military.

  • Volara is available in six different grades: styles 2A and 2AF are 2# density and are available 3/32″ up to ½” thick in rolls 60″ wide; styles 4A and 4EO are 4# density and are available in rolls 1/16″ thick x 60″ wide; and styles 6A and 6EO are 6# density and supplied in rolls 1/32″ thick x 60″ wide.
  • All Volara cross-linked polyethylene foam grades are available in both black and white colors.
  • Zotefoams cross-linked polyethylene foam is available in eight different grades: styles LD33, LD45, LD45 FR (UL 94 rated), and LD70 are low density; styles HD60 and HD80 are high density; and LD50 CN and EV45 CN are conductive. All Zotefoams low and high density grades can be supplied in just about any color (depending on quantity), while conductive grades are always supplied in black.
Volara and Zotefoams cross-linked polyethylene foam materials can be CNC cut or waterjet cut to your exact specifications or slit to width in continuous rolls with an adhesive on one or both sides.