Viton is a fluoroelastomer polymer that is fuel resistant at extreme temperatures. It was introduced to the aerospace industry in 1957 and soon spread to other industries such as appliances, the automotive industry (valve stem seals, transmission seals, powertrain systems), chemical industry, fluid power industry, and the aerospace industry due to its flexibility, reliability, and its ability to perform over a wide temperature range. Viton has a high list of resistances including oil, heat, many concentrated acids, solvent, fungus, mold, UV rays, weather, and atmospheric oxidation.

Fluoroelastomer has a variety of traits that make it ideal for both low and very high-temperature and corrosive applications. It is resistant to oil, heat, and a wide variety of concentrated acids. Viton (fluoroelastomer) can stand up to compression when other elastomers may embrittle at high temperatures. It’s excellent for sealing gases and aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids. Fungus, mold, weather, atmospheric oxidation, and sun do not affect Viton (fluoroelastomer).

There are a few different grades of Viton that have various Fluorine levels. Higher fluorine levels gives a fluoroelastomer greater chemical resistance, but its low-temperature flexibility is lessened as the percentage of fluorine increases.

Each grade of fluoroelastomer has a remarkable temperature range. In dynamic applications, it can tolerate temperatures down to -10° F (-23° C). Specific formulations allow fluoroelastomer to be utilized in static applications with temperatures down to -65° F (-54° C). In continuous applications, Viton (fluoroelastomer) can endure temperatures up to 400° F (204° C) with occasionally high temperatures up to 500° F (260° C).
Fluoroelastomers go by a few different trade names depending on the specific manufacturing company. Dai-El is Daikin Industries’ name for their fluoroelastomer, while Solvay identifies their material as Tenoflon. Dyneon manufacturers a fluoroelastomer that goes by its company name (Dyneon). Fluoroelastomers are also recognized by different abbreviations. FPM is an international abbreviation for fluorelastomer according to DIN/ISO, and FKM is ASTM’s abbreviation for the gasket and seal material.




Viton “A” has 66% fluorine, is great for applications that involve direct sun, severe weather conditions, and oxidation. This rubber gasketing material can also withstand fuels, lubricants, and oils.



Viton “B” contains 68% fluorine, which adds to its ability to resist both concentrated and diluted acids. Upon dry heating, Viton “B” maintains its flexibility and elastic properties. This material is suitable for power generating systems, as it resists sulfur dioxide.



Viton “GF” features 70% fluorine, allowing it to surpass both Viton “A” and “B” in chemical resistance. Due to its exceptional fluid resistance and low permeation even in extreme environments, it is designed for industries that use modern lubricants, blended chemicals, and oxygenated fuels.



An industrial-grade material that is a combination of Polyacrylates and fluoroelastomer polymer. It is cost-effective and has good chemical resistance, allowing it to hold up well at temperatures up to 350° F (176° C).



Made entirely of fluoroelastomer and is a commercial-grade material. This material also has a high chemical resistance and can handle temperatures up to 400° F (204° C).



A premium grade gasket and seal material made from terpolymer type “B” fluoroelastomer. This is made for high-temperature applications up to 450° F (232° C). It is also FSA-DSJ-401-09 compliant for flue duct expansion joints.



An off-white 65 durometer FDA compliant Viton manufactured using 100% virgin Viton. This material has a 66% level of Fluorine and meets the Viton Type “A” requirements.



A Viton closed cell sponge with a skin on all sides. This material is designed for extreme applications that require a compressible material. Closed cell Viton offers the same oil, chemical, acid, ozone, sunlight and heat aging resistance as our solid Viton elastomers and is an excellent gasket material.

Gasket Supply carries a wide variety of fluoroelastomers to fit every need and every application. From rolls 1/64” to 1/4″ thick and 36” to 48” wide, custom thickness, widths and shapes are available. We can CNC cut and waterjet cut gaskets to meet your exact requirements. We can also supply an adhesive backing to all grades of material.