Garlock GYLON® Style 3545 Microcellular PTFE Gaskets

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The GYLON® Style 3545 is a highly compressible microcellular PTFE with a rigid PTFE core for improved handlability. The GYLON® 3545 designed to compress and conform to irregular or damaged surfaces, making it suitable for flanges that generate lower compressive stresses, such and glass-lined flanges and equipment.


Features and Benefits

The GYLON® Style 3545 has highly compressible PTFE outer layers that seal under a low bolt load but provide a tight seal. The compressible layers conform to irregularities, especially on warped, pitted or stretched flanges. It's rigid PTFE core reduces cold flow and creep all while withstanding a wide range of chemicals. Additionally, the rigid PTFE core facilitates installation, especially on large diameter flanges and hard-to-reach areas.



  • White
  • Microcellular PTFE
  • Conforms to FDA regulations and ABS specification
  • Min. Temperature: -450°F / -268°C
  • Max. Temperature: 500°F / 260°C
  • Max. Pressure: 1200 PSI / 55 bar
  • Maximum PxT 1/16: 350,000 °F x PSIG / 12,000 bar x °C
  • Maximum PxT 1/8: 250,000 °F x PSIG / 8,600 bar x °C


Industrial Applications


  • Strong caustics
  • Strong acids
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chlorine
  • Cryogenics
  • Glass-lined equipment†
  • Low bolt load applications*

*For flat face flanges, a minimum compressive stress of 1,500 psi is recommended on the contacted gasket area for 150 psig liquid service. Consult with the flange manufacturer to confirm that adequate compressive stress is available.
† When sealing uneven flanges, gasket must be four times thicker than maximum gap between flanges.

Technical Specs for Garlock GYLON® Style 3545 Microcellular PTFE