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Gasket Supply Company, an approved Inertech Inertex distributor offers the SQ-S Expanded PTFE line of gaskets. Inertex SQ-S gaskets provide a soft & hard set sealing solution for most flanged connections. SQ-S has a successful sealing performance record in the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries. When installed properly, Inertex Expanded SQ-S 100% PTFE provides the customer with a premium quality sealing solution at a reasonable cost.


Inertech Inertex SQ-S Benefits

SQ-S is manufactured using 100% pure PTFE materials. By using the quality standards that are consistent and assured by being ISO 9002 Certified,SQ-S provides excellent sealing performance & is chemically inert.


One Piece Integral Construction

Inertech uses an expanding PTFE process that guarantees no flaking of particulates that can damage customers’ equipment, and ensures no contamination of conveyed materials or finished products.


Soft and Strong

INERTEX SQ-S is very soft and extremely compressible with relatively light torque. It can be applied in FRP, porcelain, plastic, and glass-lined piping or vessels. The material is very strong and tough, so it can withstand compressive loads of over 40,000 psi without affecting its sealing capability. INERT EX SQ-S is virtually impossible to abuse.


The Tightest Sealing Performance

According to the testing done by Ecole Polytechnique Tightness Testing Research Laboratory (TTRL), INERTEX SQ-S is one of the tightest sealing gasket materials in the world. It can help meet the most strict regulations of the Clean Air Act. Coupled with excellent chemical compatibility with all VOC’s, RAP’s, and RON’s, INERTEX SQ-S becomes the ultimate resolution & assurance of meeting EPA Regulatory Standards.


Technical Specs for Inertech Inertex SQS