Solid Rubber Materials

Gasket Supply stocks and supplies a variety of rubber materials from leading manufacturers for production of flexible seals, gaskets, and custom fabrication of other products and pieces. Elastomers are easily moldable by manufacturers and are inherently accompanied by many good mechanical properties including elasticity, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.


Gasket Supply can order sheets or rolls of rubber material. Some of our most popular rubber materials are neoprene, nitrile, silicone, and viton. Or, work with us to cut your standard sized or custom gaskets for your project’s applications.

Rubber Materials


Neoprene rubber is well-known for its oil-resistant properties, thus making it best suited for applications that require good resistance to oil and petroleum based solvents. Neoprene rubber has excellent resistance to dilute acids, has good weathering and ozone resistance, and good resilience in hot and cold temperatures.


Pioneer uses a best quality Nitrile rubber that offers the best possible resistance to petroleum based products and fuels. Nitrile offers good abrasion resistance and tensile strength.


Silicone rubber is best known handling extreme environments and temperatures. It can normally handle temperatures at -150°F to 480°F. Silicone is water repellent and comes equipped with good UV and ozone resistance, fungus resistance, low compression set, tensile strength, elongation, and insulation from electricity, making it one of the most popular and versatile rubbers for many industries.


Viton is a fluoroelastomer polymer that is fuel resistant at extreme temperatures. It was introduced to the aerospace industry in 1957 and soon spread to other industries such as automotive, appliance, chemical, and fluid power industries. Viton has a high list of resistances including oil, heat, many concentrated acids, solvent, fungus, mold, UV rays, weather, and atmospheric oxidation.


EPDM rubber is best known for its outstanding resistance to elemental exposure to ozone, sun and oxygen. Additionally, EPDM is highly resistant to acids, akali and ketones and has a great resistance to heat and aging. EPDM is often used in electrical insulation applications due to its high resistances.